Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

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http://erp.oceanbaycommunity.com/food-security-poverty-and-nutrition-policy.php It is more of an experience to be lived than a concept to be understood. It is more nourishing to eat a balanced diet than to read about it.

18 Unmistakable Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

The experience differs, differ from person to person. What we must understand is that the experience of spiritual enlightenment is exclusive for every individual and must be experienced rather than explained. What exactly leads to the ultimate experience of spiritual enlightenment is also a complex question. When one morning, you see a rose blossoming in your garden, its beauty fascinates you.

Have you ever wondered how the flower happened? What were the stepping stones of its existence?

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Spiritual Awakening. +2. Enlightenment is to understand the perspective of the Soul, the Was the Buddha awakened or enlightened?. A definition of spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment that explores the awareness in this moment that is always happening.

Did it originate when the seed sprouted to a bush and the bush started growing, or did it begin then when the bush was being watered? If you trace it back to its starting point, you soon realize that there were number of factors which finally led to the blossoming of the rose. Each factor was closely knit with the others, and each factor was indispensible from the whole.

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In the same way, the journey to spiritual enlightenment is a flowering of the consciousness. The divine mystery is incomprehensible, and is an outcome of many and various outcomes. No one can pinpoint when the flower of spiritual enlightenment will sprout.

Spiritual awakening happens when a human becomes fully conscious of his or her true nature. There are various cosmic forces at work when a soul strives for spiritual enlightenment. The awakening unleashes feelings which were never felt before. You realize that you are beyond your body and in extreme harmony with the universe. With spiritual awareness , your ego is peeled back and you emerge as a more refined person. The deeper you get into your inner self, the deeper the silence gets. The constant clutter of thoughts cease with spiritual awareness and certain joy and serenity engulfs your being.

The shackles of mundane desires are broken with spiritual awareness.

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Spiritual enlightenment is undoubtedly the primary goal of most of the spiritual practices we undertake. With spiritual awakening, we start accepting reality as it is and stop interfering with what is happening around us. We cease to be judgmental, and start experiencing life in its purest form.

Spiritual Enlightenment sets us free to reap the fruits of our actions, uncluttered by too many empty desires. Darkness can only be removed by light, and the light of spirituality illuminates our life with unprecedented knowledge. As strange as this may sound, neti, neti may for some initiates actually be another necessary rite of passage. After all—the genuine path to enlightenment always begins with a process of learning to let go. Or, of a Self that in its unlimited nature is also able to be everything. The Buddha gave his students a special clue as to what the letting go process might leave one with.

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Self Realization is the same as the splendor of Self Recognition! Self Realization is not a true enlightenment. Self Realization is the recognition of the Self. And, no matter how grand that realization may be, it will never be enough to wake you fully!

Discover How to Experience the Inner Peace of Meditation & Oneness

No—It is the ability to allow the desire of the indefinable high Self to enduringly bring forth its intended divine manifestation—you in your true nature. Enlightenment is not the result of Self Realization; it is due to its actualization. The false self lives a false life—the true Self lives a true life—the difference is monumental! It begins to dawn through the psyche only when your waiting transcendental bliss currents are allowed to rise up through your psyche unobstructed—and therein are allowed to engulf your heart and mind completely; thus inciting you to actualize the Will of the greater Self.

When this occurs the first state of three successive states of enlightenment have found their footing—and your ultimate adventure begins.

What is Spiritual Enlightenment

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F First let me begin by stating that these three are not the same. Spiritual awakening can occur in a vast number of ways. But more than that, it occurs when the boundaries of your religion or the spiritual dogma you were taught to believe in is no longer enough to contain you; and you begin to hunger for your own personally connected spiritual experiences. Sharing is caring! Next Post In Loving Memory of our Previous Post What is, and what must be!

10 simple principles of spiritual awakening

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Knowing that you are never separate from the Whole, never broken, never truly lost. It cannot be transmitted to you by a fancy bearded or non-bearded guru, nor can it be taken away or lost. What is it really? Save article Saved. He suffered from depression for years.

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