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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The Adventures of V file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with The Adventures of V book. Happy reading The Adventures of V Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF The Adventures of V at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF The Adventures of V Pocket Guide. Additionally, Intrepid places a lot of focus on sustainability: everything from carbon-neutral offices, to carbon offsets for trips, to an explicit policy on responsible travel. It also has a branch called Urban Adventures , which focuses on shorter city-based tours. This is a few days longer than the average Gap Adventures tour. History — In , Bruce Poon Tip founded Gap Adventures now called G Adventures with nothing more than two credit cards and a burning desire to create an authentic, sustainable travel experience like nothing the world had ever seen. By offering adventure-craving travelers an alternative to the resorts, cruises and motorcoach tours they were accustomed to, he not only changed the way people looked at their holiday time but changed the face of travel forever.

Where — G Adventures has more than trips to Latin America. Anecdotal evidence seems to correctly suggest that G Adventures are the Latin America specialists. For more options, take a look at other luxury adventure travel tours. Thomson Family Adventures focus exclusively on family expeditions. With worldwide destinations ranging from Europe to Antarctica, you could take your children to meet the whales in Baja, or on a multi-sport itinerary to the Galapagos Islands. Want them to make friends en route? Join a small group tour. Want exclusive family time? Build your own custom itinerary. One particularly exciting Thomson initiative is the Friends Across Borders program, which pairs your child up with a foreign pen pal and then arranges a memorable meeting between the two — a jungle soccer game, perhaps, or a family meal at home.

See more reviews of our favorite family adventure travel companies you can book today. Canadian company ElderTreks has over 30 years of experience in designing adventure tours exclusively for people aged 50 and over although companions aged 18 and over are also welcome. The company specializes in off-the-beaten-track adventures, with land and boat-based trips to over countries. Each one is ranked by difficulty from 1 easy to 5 challenging. From Arctic cruises to gorilla-trekking in Uganda, choose the itinerary that best suits your fitness level. This guarantees a more authentic experience and a more personal level of care and service.

All trips include every expense, from your meals and accommodation to domestic transportation, entrance fees, and tips. With companies like AdventureWomen, you can journey safely in the company of other, like-minded ladies. Women-owned and women-run, AdventureWomen has been in operation for over 35 years and specializes in active itineraries to more than 65 countries worldwide.

Options range from high-energy tours of the Canadian Rockies with opportunities for hiking, biking, spelunking, and rafting; to more laid-back adventures on the Trans-Siberian Railway. The company also offers itineraries especially for moms and daughters who want to reconnect in an exciting new country. All trips are accompanied by vetted local guides and an AdventureWomen Ambassador, whose job is to take care of the details, help build relationships and ensure that every traveler gets the very most out of their experience.

Need some more help finding what you're looking for? See our guide to the best women-only adventure travel companies. If I had a friend to travel with then I would plan this without going through a company. I am going to be investing a lot of time into this trip so I want it to be a good one. I would fork out more money for a better experience. Do you have any additional advice? Thanks for your time!

I posted in Tripadvisor to get some advice but got zero responses. I am hoping you can help! I would say to take good consideration on both companies as they are of great quality. With regards to quality and experience, they are both great and highly professional.

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Their long trips are based on a combination of subsequent short trips, so your group of travelers will change every one or two weeks, unless the trip is originally scheduled and a whole from beginning to end. In addition to extensive destination training, we also focus heavily on safety, first aid, local interaction and responsible travel. In South America we have a fantastic team of very experienced leaders who have been with Intrepid for many years and have a proven record of being able to cope extremely well in emergency situations. As well has having an unrivalled knowledge of the region they also have an excellent understanding of the expectations of Intrepid travellers.

Happy travels, Sue, Intrepid Express Editor. Thank you for the info on Intrepid Sue! I appreciate it. I am still doing my research though. Trying to narrow it down to a couple if trips to make my decision. It was amazing. My leader was awesome! He was fun, knew everything about everywhere we went, and it was one of the best trips I have taken. The people in the group were just as great as our leader… I was only on a 10 day trip, but we joined with others on 60 day trips and they said that their entire adventures were perfect.

Thank you Deb! I appreciate your input. This is very helpful Norbert! Why did you say you prefer G Adventures for Peru?

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I have never taken an organized tour before, so this will be a new experience for me. Hey Michael! Well, just like you, before heading to Peru I did a huge amount of research to find the best company I could go with to do the Inca Trail. That was the main reason why I went with them.

I can say that Intrepid also does good trips in Peru, as I ran across a few of the Intrepid travelers and they seemed to have a good experience there. Great blog Norbert! What a great help! I did one Gap Adventure tour to Patagonia back in , but unfortunately it was also with David. His last name began with a C. It must be the same tour leader because he was lazy and offensive to the guests, loved to drink to the point of intoxication, and he spoke poorly about guests in Spanish to the locals he really should have watched what he said.

A lot of people understand Spanish! I swore it would be my first and last tour with them, but then again, I know that everyone is different. Not all tour leaders are like David. Thanks SLP! Oh wow, sorry that you had the tour with David. Hi Theresa, I did the Marangu route.

G Adventures was great all the way! This is a great find, Norbert. Thanks for posting this! They have a good deal going on now 2 for 1 and all the negative comments seem to be geared towards Gap tour leaders. What did you recommend Gap specifically for Peru in your post? Thanks for your comment. Yes, honestly, it is more common to find negative comments towards Gap than towards Intrepid. I did the Inca Trail with them and they were beyond amazing. Not only that, but Gap has a good reputation there and they have good grounds with the amount of groups they lead there and their resources.

As for your idea of going on your own after the Inca Trail, I say, go for it! They have a good bus system Seyuz bus that can take you to almost any part of the country. A few thoughts:. Our guide, Vladia Bajerovska, was fantastic. She was both a great organizer and a great cheerleader, making sure everybody was included and knew what was going on. She had a lot of knowledge, both natural describing animals and practical navigating border crossings.

She answered all of our questions, no matter how many times we asked. Our driver, Stefan, was also fantastic. By the end of the trip we were all great friends. Everybody pitched in without even having to ask, which was great. Obviously this is one of those things where one bad apple can spoil the bunch… There was a little bit of drinking at the campsites some had bars, others were BYOB , but everybody was pretty much in bed by We spent nearly every night in tents, though there was an option to upgrade to a cabin at some sites.

The overland truck was pretty sweet, though spartan. But this might get tiresome for some people. Read the itinerary carefully. Again, read the itinerary carefully. All in all, I feel that by taking G Adventures, we were able to see a lot more of southern Africa than if we had just gone on our own.

I suppose it depends on your comfort level in the third world, but there were some situations choosing safe markets to shop at, bribing corrupt SA police really! The lodging and travel is definitely not luxury, but I think it was more fun that way. All we had to do was spend a few nights roughing it and helping around the campsite, and we had the trip of a lifetime.

Thank you so much for sharing your opinion and experience with us. It will definitely help a lot of people looking for first hand experience accounts. Hello everyone on this blog, it was great to read your comments and to get feedback on all your trips. I travelled with Gap to India last summer and had an amazing time. Our guide was great. He was super helpful, very knowledgeable, extremely approachable and looked out for all of us.

Several people got sick on the trip and he got a doctor when they needed one. To know, if you are expecting a real camel ride in the desert, this is not really what you are going to get; our guide said it used to be longer but people got too tired. I personally was hoping for something more adventuresome. In the 21 days we spent in Western India we saw more than I think I could have seen on my own. I am a single female travelling alone and that is why chose Gap. A couple of people on the trip had done other tours with Gap with more or less success.

As people said above it really depends on the guide. That said, I am interested in travelling alone. You make some excellent points, Norbert, about the optional activities. I appreciated them in India but I would like to travel for a bit less and on my own schedule. It was great that our guide took us to restaurants because you need to be careful what you eat in India. It was more expensive though and it felt like you were compelled to eat at every meal.

At the moment I am pretty conflicted about what I want to do. I want to go to Central America and Gap has a bunch of great trips. The one big difference I have noticed between Gap and Intrepid is that Gap does all their Central American tours in both directions, which gives you more choice, while Intrepid only goes south.

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In fact, I have read more reviews good and bad about Gap, even on this blog, which I find odd. I guess I am wondering if anyone has any feedback about travelling in Central America with Gap, Intrepid or just solo. Regarding Central America, depending on how savvy you feel you are, I highly recommend doing it solo. Both experiences were good, but I love my time as solo traveler since Central America has a really good backpacking trail and you will meet a lot of people there.

Being on your own will allow you some flexibility that being on a group will not give you. Above you said this: South America — Intrepid. Except for Peru, which you should do with G Adventures. Latin America — G Adventures. Can you tell me what exactly you mean by Latin America?

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Im 22 and traveling to Mexico and South America with my friend. We are going for 2 months and we want to do most of the trip by ourself but just do one day tour. Im wondering whether you think it would be better to do Mexico on our own or whether we should travel South America by ourself and leave the tour for Mexico. Just wondering which trip did you do with G Adventures? I just finished both a 26 day Intrepid tour and a 10 day gap tour thru South East Asia, and I have to say I was much more impressed with the intrepid tour. This all came down to the Guide. Even in his home town, he provided very few details on what as good to do, then disappeared.

The options offerred were very basic, basically a Tuk Tuk to the temple, whereas Intrepid arranged local guides and better local transport. I booked a few trips with Intrepid during a 6 month travel adventure across north and south america. Personally, I found the level of service better with Intrepid than I did with Gap and I liked the idea of small groups purely from a practical perspective — herding a big group day in, day out would seem like time wasted to me!

In south America, the tour guides were excellent and helped where there was a language barrier and to make the experience as good as it could be recommending great places to eat, bars, day trips etc plus I loved the bits that took you off the beaten track eg. I would have no hesitation recommending Intrepid to anyone looking to book travel trips — they sure came up trumps for me! I have been planning to do a trip in the US for ages now, and I am leaning towards G adventures. I am currently 17, but will be 18 by the time of the trip. I only just came across Intrepid today, and I found a very similar trip to the one I want to do from G adventures.

They are both around 22 day tours, so I would want to choose my best option, as I will be there for 3 weeks! From experience on your tours, were there many solo travellers with either companies, or travellers around a similar age to me 18? By the way, I am planning to do a tour from New York to San Fransisco, through chicago, south dakota and those sorts of places.

If anyone has done a similar trip to this, please let me know how it was, and from what company. In my experience, yes, most of the time there are solo travelers around your age, and whether they are solo or not, it is almost certain that there will be someone close to your age. G Adventures and Intrepid appeal to young adventurous travelers. Okay, great, thank you!

Hmm, tough choice! Fantastic trips all round though — brilliant guides and great travel companions … the small group thing is really a great way to travel!

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Will definitely be back for more! Thanks for sharing Dave! Yes, sometimes it is hard to choose between the two because they are both strong companies and they do deliver good tours. Hi Norbert! Thanks for such a great article! I will be there for a month on my own then my boyfriend is coming out to join me for the second month. Do you know how different the two styles are? I think I must be getting old! After one of these trips, I am planning to meet my boyfriend in Guatemala and travel up through Belize and Mexico. I have travelled S. Is this just hype?? Is there a good backpacker scene through these countries?

Also, how important is it to be fluent in Spanish? I know the bare essentials i. Glad to help! Sounds like you have a pretty good idea on what you want to do on your trip, so that is good. These use budget accommodations and public transportation, often. On Belize and Guatemala, I would say, do it on your own with your boyfriend. By then, after traveling with G, you will have an idea of what Central America is and how to manage through it.

If you think you will feel comfortable, do it on your own plus, if you tackled Southeast Asia, Central America will be smoother. On safety… The capitals tend to be a bit crazy and dangerous, but nothing extraordinary. The smaller cities are way much better especially in Guatemala. It is quite easy to move around. Check ADO buses in Mexico, they are good and affordable. On Spanish… It is not necessary, but it helps if you know a bit. Guatemala and Mexico have a big backpacker scene, so you will find people who speak english or at least a bit in every place.

I am a single woman planning a trip — potentially in India I want to have a safe trip with good experience as well.

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Has anyone done G adventures tour in India? Or can recommend another company? Apologies on the delayed response. I would recommend checking G Adventures Watering Hole forum to see if there are people around who have shared their experiences. Also, if you go to Intrepid, you can see their feedback right on the specific tour page. Thanks for your helpful article! I am planning a trip to Western Europe August-September I noticed that you recommended traveling there alone, rather than on a tour. Why is that? Sorry for the delayed response. Europe is one of the easiest continents to travel thanks to the extensive rail network, the Schengen agreement between countries, the wide range of accommodation, and more.

Plus, Europe itself is not the cheapest traveling on you own or with a tour, but on your own you can have a better control of spendings and possibly travel cheaper. I am a year-old woman with some solo travelling experience in Europe back in college, and the Dominican Republic and other travel experience with people but still including time alone , in Thailand and India.

I am somewhat confident in solo travel but also do think that it might be fun to have others around, and make the whole travel experience a lot less stressful, and also take a lot of the hard work of research and planning out of the details of travel, if I do one of these tours. And is it worth it for someone like myself? Or is Vietnam easy enough to get around that I should just go for it solo?

I would really like to see scenic, more rural areas, which is also one reason to consider a tour rather than being on my own. Any advice would be appreciated! And thanks for this very objective breakdown of the difference between the companies. Hi Alison! But it will all depend on how you feel traveling on your own and how comfortable you are dealing with everything on the road. I traveled Vietnam solo a couple of years ago when I was This was my first solo travel experience and I absolutely loved it!

I started off in Thailand then Cambodia and Laos, but actually found Vietnam to be the easiest to get around out of all these countries! I found absolutely no stress with the travel, i just winged it the whole way — you can just go to any travel agent at any time to book onto your next bus, the locals pretty much all speak English and are extremely friendly. There is a huge backpacker trail both north- and south-bound. I actually found the buses the best place to meet people — especially after a long overnight journey, everyone wants some company to groggily find a hostel! I cant really speak too much about going off the beaten track because I seemed to pretty much follow the main trail, but there are lots of travel agents around offering plenty of different mini-tours.

So I would say go and do it solo to keep flexibility, but look into short tours for the more rural excursions. They are internationally recognized, have good quality tours, and they cover most, if not all, of the countries in Europe, so you have the flexibility of doing multi country trips with ease. Your summery reviewing the two travel agencies is to the point.

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You have the full right to eat wherever you want. Like you mentioned, both companies are great, and from your own experience, you can say that the guides can make or break the travel experience. Cheers big ears! And thanks for trying to help us out with the mooring, we really appreciated that! Pro DJ International. Pride For me, as a solo traveler, this is a big plus.

Here is our summery of the two trip we took with Intrepid:. Just finished the Central American tour. Yes it was very basic, inferior transport and accommodations. The cost was the same than last year 29 days Indochina Loop original and which we most enjoyed, included most breakfasts, few lunches and dinners and excellent activities. Finally, Central American tour cost escalated with meals and activities. Some transportation was on local buses or packed mini buses and overloaded boats. Would not recommend this tour! The choice of hotels and their location was so poor that one was forced to take tours and visit more interesting parts of the areas.

This fee should be reduced and money applied to better transport and accommodations. Most of the transport was on local buses, few times was upgraded to mini buses, and the boats to islands were overloaded. In summary, the tour was not good value for money. This question has been on my mind as of late because I am about to spend a week in Cusco. I did the Inca Trail with G myself, and I have to say the experience was superb. G has great knowledge and a great team of locals on the Inca Trail, so they have a good grip on that area.

I would choose Intrepid since it seems to be cheaper. Wonderful, thanks so much! So many interesting things you might want to ask about. Not only did he know about the history of Egypt, knew the temples like the back of his hand, but was also willing to discuss the current political situation in Egypt. With ease he handled a last minute cancellation of an overnight train — having to arrange flights, transportation and last minute added hotel rooms.

Kind, gracious and professional, he went above and beyond to make our trip memorable, and safe. I have also traveled with Explore, and although we had some good trips with them, after the last trip, years ago, a bike trip in South Africa, we never traveled with them again. There was no briefing on the bikes, or use of disk brakes, and we had one woman go over the handle bars downhill into a cement bridge, ending up with a severe head injury in the middle of nowhere. She left the trip to go back home.

They knew, or imparted, little about the region. Of course, there is more, but it just gets redundant. While Explore refunded a very small portion of our money, they apologized about nothing. Our group finally bonded when we all got to our homes and started the process of writing our letters to Explore. Loved G-adventures in Egypt! Thanks for sharing your experience, Jen! Sorry to hear about your experience with Explore. Hi, love reading the reviews, some great info here!

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Myself and the other half are planning to do the Gorilla Express trip with Intrepid in mid-Oct. Its a basix camping tour for 8 days to and from Kampala. Have to make a decision by tomorrow! Any info is welcome! Again, I do vouch for them. Great blog! You mentioned Intrepid is better in Africa yet you went with G Adventures…. The groups from the first two tours were okay, but the last one was where most of the group about twelve were twenty somethings from one country and only three or four were my age 40s, 50s from elsewhere.

Trying to decide between intrepid and gap for Thailand including Including the 7 day saing trip. Any advice? The sailing trips are in modern yachts that take up to 8 people and you can get involved in the actual sailing as much as you want, or you can sit back and let the crew take care of all that. You can see that previous travellers have rated our sailing trips 4. Best wishes, Sue — Intrepid Travel. Hi Debra — Sorry for the late reply, but I believe Sue of Intrepid gave you a pretty good look on their side. I visited Thailand for the first time doing their island hopping tour, and I fell in love with the country thanks to my experience there.

Very helpful to be able to read the reviews. They are another active travel company, more expensive that came with better accommodation and all meals. We are now looking at hiking in Nepal and I will look at G adventures, Intrepid and Active to see what these three have to offer. Are there other established active travel companies operating in this area?

Also he can organise tour guides for you or help you independently travel in Nepal. He also leads hikes in the mountains as he used to be a hiking guide for many years. Also check out the reviews on Trip Adviser. A more interesting option than a big tour company. We did Intrepid thru Jordan and Egypt and had a fabulous time. Feisel was our guide in Jordan and he was brilliant. The hotels were basic and the transport options sometimes uncomfortable and long but the guides were incredibly helpful and made our trip easier.

All part of the experience. Hopefully we avoid this dodgy David guy ppl have complained about on this thread if we choose G who seem to have a depth of experience in Peru. I am looking at the trips from Nairobi to Zanzibar days with the gorilla trek or looking at the trips that start and end from Nairobi 14 or 16 days also with gorillas and then doing independent travel to Zanzibar after this. I have done a lot of independent travel in the past in Europe and Asia Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka , and have also done an South west Africa tour with Kumuka back in which I really enjoyed but I was a lot younger 33 now , had a fantastic group and guide.

Any suggestions or experiences would be great Many thanks Emily. Sorry for the late reply. I did Kilimanjaro with G Adventures in and I had a really good experience with them. They do give you some free time, but it is mostly a morning, an afternoon, or a day in between in a place or two. I would recommend you take the tour that takes you to the Gorillas and or take you to other places that do require a guide, like Kilimanjaro and Serengeti, and do the rest on your own.

I traveled Kenya, Tanzania, and a few more countries on my own and while it might be a bit of a hassle some times, it is totally possible and worth it, in my opinion. Do Zanzibar on your own, for sure! Will there be others in my age group?

TJ, Jenny and Baxter are off to …somewhere!

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I do have to say that most travelers thens to be between early 20s and mid 30s, but there is always some variety. This is a personal opinion, though… Vietnam is easy to backpack, so I believe most young backpackers will take the independent road to save money. If you want, email Intrepid and ask them the age range of the current travelers listed on the tour you want. As a very broad guide, our Comfort style trips tend to appeal to more mature travellers, while Basix attract younger travellers due to the greater free time and lower price, and Intrepid Original falls in between, often with a great range of ages and nationalities.

Best wishes, Sue.