Understanding Samantha: A Siblings Perspective of Autism

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go to link Lisa Quinones-Fontanez became a prominent blogger in the autism community with her award-winning blog , AutismWonderland. Autism is still a big part of her life, and she is working on a memoir to document her experience as an autism mom in the Bronx, New York.

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Lisa Reyes created the Faith Hope Love Autism blog to offer the world writing from the perspective of someone actually on the autism spectrum — her son Philip. Philip writes about his life experiences, poetry, and answers questions submitted by readers. The blog offers a wonderful firsthand perspective of an individual on the spectrum. Embracing Imperfect , owned by Gina Badalaty, takes readers through the ins and outs of raising girls with autism — a disorder that is much more prominent in males.

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Melissa has taught moderate to severe special education classes for years. Her blog, Autism Adventures , outlines academics, behavior basics, communication, and all of the techniques she uses to be successful in her special needs classroom. One of our favorite posts is her Calm Down Kit, which helps kiddos work through their emotions on the more frustrating days. Way over in New Zealand, Linda, mother of two sons on the autism spectrum, runs the Autism and Oughtisms blog.

Meet James: autism blogger, business owner, and dad to Jude and Thomas. Part of why he started his blog was to become the best parent he could be, as well as wanting to help out others in the same boat and spread autism awareness.

Stories About Autism is full of honesty and cute photos — what more could you want? Lynne, mom to Peyton, an year-old on the spectrum, loves using her blog as an outlet to connect with other autism parents.

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Since Peyton is 18 years old, Lynne has worked through many of the struggles that parents to newly diagnosed children have millions of questions about. Amazingly, Lynne is also launching the Awesomism Quilt Tour to help spread the world about the high unemployment rate for autistic teens and adults. Writing under the pseudonym of Kate M. The Autism Vault is a wonderful resource for teachers working with students with autism. The Art of Autism is a space for all individuals in the autism community to connect with others through art, poetry, writing, video content, and music.

She enlightens her readers about ASD and neurodiversity, with the added benefit of a free autism parenting resource library. Teenager Ethan Hirschberg was diagnosed with high functioning Autism at the age of two, and says his diagnosis has not kept him from reaching his goals. Ethan aspires to go to an Ivy league college and dedicate his career to being a special education attorney or BCBA.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Many Questions Many Answers

The Sensory Spectrum is the go-to place for all things related to the senses: sensory toys, books, fine and gross motor tools, auditory tools, and feeding tools. Exhausted from scouring the Internet for sensory resources, she decided to create an all-encompassing resource herself. Jaycee Kemp, social worker and mom of two sons with varying levels of developmental disability, maintains the Running Through Water blog. She also provides a list of personally recommended resources in the special needs community. Marguerite Elisofon doubles as an author and mom to Samantha, a young adult on the autism spectrum.

Marguerite publishes weekly blog posts, many of which zero in on the unique issues of adult women with autism.

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  3. The Power of Death : A Caregiver’s Story of Life, Love, and Loss.
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She makes autism teaching products available for readers, including task cards, worksheets, and visual charts. Bacon Jerry , Mrs. Bacon is a Police Captain and actively works to bridge the gap between police and individuals on the autism spectrum. In fact, Bacon and Juiceboxes hosts a free webinar on the 7 things first responders want people with ASD to know. Chris Bonnello, also known as Captain Quirk, is a former primary school teacher turned to professional writer and speaker on autism issues.

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The 20 millisecond prepulse stimuli were sounds of 74, 78, 82, 86, or 92 dB, presented milliseconds before the onset of the dB startle stimulus. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. Six years later and nobody believes me when I see him on the news, standing in the crowd. The human cerebellum contributes to motor, emotional and cognitive associative learning. When my daughter arrived it couldn't be more different and this photo shows that being autistic doesn't mean you can't make connections to others.

He encourages everyone else on the spectrum to see themselves for their strengths rather than their weaknesses. Her blog is full of valuable information about ABA therapy, with the added personal touch of video blog lessons she creates herself. Julia Roberts and Dawn Friedman co-founded Support for Special Needs , which produces a wide variety of content on special needs, health, relationships, food, crafts, and DIY projects.

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Verified Purchase. I have twin 8 year-old kids, one girl - one boy. My son has PDD which is high functioning but still on the autistic spectrum. I got this book for my daughter in hopes it would help explain her brother a bit better and help her cope with friends and acquaintances when her brother embarrasses her in public.

Understanding Samantha

This book was much too simplistic to get to any of those issues. This may have helped explain her brother a little bit when she was very young, maybe 5. But the book only addresses some of the sensory issues that kids with autism have, and very basically at that. I think it might be a good introductory book to explain autism to a small child who has never heard of it before.

However, for us, it did not deal with the more complicated feelings and problems that come with have an autistic sibling.

Females with Aspergers Syndrome Checklist by Samantha Craft – Everyday Aspie

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