Terra Bond : From Out of the Darkness

Theory: Terra is in control of Apprentice Xehanort
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The battle of who should be in control of Xehanort took place after Aqua weakened Xehanort. Xehanort becomes infatuated with pureblooded heartless Shadows, Neoshadows,Invisibles, Darkballs because they are pure darkness. Heartless are hearts. That's been emphasized numerous times within the series, regardless of the Ansem reports, some of these sources which include Nomura interviews and whatnot. Emblem Heartless are hearts. Pureblood Heartless are not hearts. If you ever kill a Shadow, you will never see a heart hover up.

If you look closely on Ansem, Seeker of Darkness' chest. You will see an emblem. He's an emblem heartless. Absolute New member. Joined Jun 6, Messages Awards 0. Nayru's Love said:. That emblem was for looks at most.

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Second Life is unique in that it essentially has local geography, but not global geography. In Second Life, you want to find the one your friend is selling. Shortly after defeating Randall in Monstropolis , Sora and co. Ventus becomes very defensive, telling Vanitas that he doesn't know the first thing about Terra. This is a good point for looking at the concept of interactivity. I'm not sure if SL has this problem or not. Kingdom Hearts III.

Emblem Heartless are artificially made, as in, there's a machine that makes them. Since XH is the result of a real heart enveloped in darkness, he's a Pureblood. I think the Emblem on XH was just to show his involvement in the Emblem Heartless's creation, in a manner of speaking.

Key of Valor The Professor. Joined Oct 14, Messages 1, Awards 0. I don't think that Apprentice Xehanort was fully aware of his past, partly because his reports indicated that he was unfamiliar with the Keyblade. However, I think it is possible that Terra was in control of Apprentice Xehanort.

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Key of Valor said:. Goddard New member.

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I just want to propose something. Terra is essentially a good person with very good intentions but if you bother to read the dialogue between him and Master Xehanort, he was more than willing to explore other options if it meant expelling his presence even that included his own heart from his body.

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What's so improbable to have Terra, in control of young Xehanort, apprentice to Ansem the Wise, explore the ways of the heart in order to purge himself of Master Xehanort's influence? This could had led him to realizing that he could not just simply remove Master Xehanort's heart without leading to serious repercussions to his own heart. He would remove his own in the process. Personally that's far more interesting than MX simply having the reigns. Samhain said:. MX was the last person to control Terra's body anyway.

Neptun New member.

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Joined Feb 8, Messages 79 Awards 0 Age Absolute said:. That emblem on XH always drove me nuts.

What was the point of it? He was a heart in Riku's body which kicked out Riku's heart. So then he made Riku look like middle-age Xehanort. So it was a body and a heart, so why the emblem? Last edited: Jul 3, Mog New member.

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Master Xehanort was in control of Xehanort before Aqua saved Xehanort from falling into darkness Perhaps you could phrase this better. It can be assumed that when Aqua defeated him in battle, it weakened MX, allowing Terra to gain control. I would say that Terra was battling him mentally all the time. It would seem unlikely that Terra would stand idly on the sidelines while MX was beating up Aqua physically. Terra became in control at the moment I described above, when he stabbed himself with the keyblade, resulting in amnesia, resulting in unconsciousness.

Neither MX nor Terra could be in control of Terranort's physical manestation because it was unconscious. It seems that the two are even, judging by their cutscene together in Blank Points. MX is just trying to sway Terra with his words, such as ''How you can remain here at all confounds the mind.

What makes you think Terra was in control then, if the odds seemed evenly matched for both? Emm, would he not remember his own name first,no? I would think that Ansem told the apprentices that he had amnesia. I doubt he would be asking such silly questions aloud. Just gotta check. As if.

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If Terra really was in control, he would've said something, it's not like Terra to play it slyly. Terra, if he really was in control, would've never agreed to be an Apprentice in the first place. It would make sense that MX was in control here and sought out the opportunity to find the answers to the mysteries of the heart. I believe when Terra gained the upper hand on him and stabbed himself, the ability to wield was lost. That No Heart thing is irrelevant to the actual plot, that's why he was in the final mix.

But don't get me wrong, there are important bosses in the final mixes, just this one seems canon. I guess so, there was nothing MX or Terra could do. With no keyblade to generate a portal, they were in RG to stay for the time being. Yes he does. I thought you said Terra was in control all this time? If Terra admitted, I doubt Ansem would've done anything, it's not like he exactly liked his apprentices after all the cruel experiments they were doing. It's not exactly clear who is in control at this point but I would say MX, solely due to the fact he was still an apprentice studying the heart.

Xehanort and Ansem the Wise are both working together on experimenting with hearts And the other 5 apprentices. It was Ansem the Wise that first came up with the name for them. Read his reports from KH1.