The Battle of Bayport (Hardy Boys Adventures)

The Battle of Bayport
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But when a stunt goes horribly wrong, the Hardy boys know someone is trying to sabotage the film—and putting lives in jeopardy. Frank and Joe must take the shine off a jewel thief who sends ominous riddles in this Hardy Boys adventure.

Hardy Boys Adventures #6 The Battle of Bayport – Synopsis

First a priceless painting disappears from the museum; then two ancient samurai swords vanish from a private collection. Then the boys begin receiving threatening notes in the mail, each one containing a strange riddle.

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From everything they know about Le Stylo, the crime is out of character. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Lists with This Book. Sophia VanderStel rated it really liked it Jan 30, Now, the press is swarming his house in Bayport to get the scoop on the novel he completed just before his untimely death. Jun 16, Brett Turner rated it liked it. Could these brother detectives be in over their heads?

When Frank and Joe set out to explore caves and tunnels, they dig themselves into some dark and dangerous trouble in this Hardy Boys adventure. They jump at the chance to investigate; Joe as a member of an urban exploration club, and Frank as photographer for the school paper.

Now the city is home to a cultish band of criminals who plan to take over Bayport. Frank and Joe are determined to shut down the crooks, but after being barreled down by a boulder and nearly squashed by a runaway train, they have to wonder: are they in over their heads? Frank and Joe find themselves in a cattle-rustling tussle when a prized horse is snatched from a nearby ranch in this exciting Hardy Boys equestrian adventure.

"Deception on the Set (Hardy Boys Adventures #8)" by Franklin W. Dixon - Ch. 1

When the brothers catch several ranch hands trying to steal Hondo, they manage to stop it. Though very grateful for their intervention, the Welch family is now shorthanded for the cattle drive back to their dude ranch!

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Brother detectives Frank and Joe face perils in the wilderness as they try to track down their missing teacher in this thrilling Hardy Boys adventure. Max Kroopnik investigate local flora. Not only does Black Bear Mountain live up to its name—the fierce furry animals are everywhere—but rumor has it that a madman lurks in the forest, and the crazy dude has a penchant for feasting on human flesh. When the campers wake up, however, not only do they find a bear roaming the campsite, but their teacher is missing…and blood is streaked across the front of his tent.

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The GECOs are stranded alone in the wilderness with no technology, no way to call for help, and, quite possibly, a madman on the loose. Luckily, Frank and Joe have a good amount of survival skills under their belt. But when they venture in search of their teacher, they find themselves hunted by a mysterious axe-wielding man in face paint and bearskins, falling into dangerous rapids, and perched on the edge of a precarious waterfall. Will the Hardys be able to find their teacher and make it back to the campsite alive?

Brother detectives Frank and Joe find themselves on the basketball court and in the midst of a dangerous team initiation scheme in this thrilling Hardy Boys adventure.

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It turns out that a band of masked players are kidnapping new team members and then beating them up, blackmailing them, and threatening them—all in an effort to boost performance. Brother detectives Frank and Joe come face to face with…a sasquatch…in the fourteenth book in the thrilling Hardy Boys Adventures series. The legend of the Bayport Beast has haunted the town for almost a century. Each summer brings rumors of a gigantic sasquatch creature roaming the nearby woods.

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The Hardy Boys Adventures #6: The Battle of Bayport

Book 6 of Hardy Boys Adventures. Trade Paperback Hardcover. Price may vary by retailer. About The Book.

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