The B Word: Budgeting Made Easy, Without Hassle and Even Fun!

How to Retire Forever on a Fixed Chunk of Money
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enter site Scripted — Scripted is a high-end content marketplace where writers can set their own rates. Boost Media — If you have the gift for writing short, compelling ad copy for text advertisements, you can earn money on this crowdsourced copywriting platform.

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Valets earn money by meeting customers, taking their cars and keys, and then reuniting with them later upon request. We prefer to think nothing terrible is going to happen, but sometimes it does. You have to figure out how to live off what you have right? We will use smart testing for our program design. As recently as the late s most Americans did this, and parents in many other countries still do, says Michelle Swaney, who runs the website thepottyschool.

Clinical Trials — The National Library of Medicine runs a database of studies all across the country you may qualify for. Sperm and Egg Donation — Sperm donation sounds like a lot more fun than donating plasma, but egg donation is a much more involved and potentially risky process. Litter Pick-Up — Brian Winch started his parking lot clean-up business as a side hustle in , and has since built it into a multi-six-figure business.

On this unique dating platform, you set your price for a first date and get paid when someone takes you out. Also see Snuggle Buddies. Castifi — The place to find background acting gigs. Rentgrata — Apartment dwellers can chat with prospective tenants and earn referral fees. Rent a Mourner — Get paid to mourn at nearby funerals in the UK. Purple Ocean — Earn money delivering video psychic readings for clients via the Purple Ocean app.

PowerLedger — If you have solar panels or another source of excess electricity, you can sell your surplus to your neighbors with the help of PowerLedger. Create My Tattoo — This is the 99designs of tattoo art. Users submit their requests and designers come back with proposed ink designs. The customer picks their fave and the artist gets the prize money. The Expert Institute — Become an expert witness in court.

The Expert Institute connects subject matter experts you! Twitch — The twitch. Popular Pays — If you have over followers on social media, Pop Pays says it can connect you with brands willing to pay to reach your audience. FareFetch — FareFetch is a unique human-powered flight search engine. Steemit — Earn cryptocurrency for creating content the Steemit community deems popular. Kit — With Kit you can share your favorite items without ever letting them out of your sight. You simply create a kit what essentials you bring on every business trip, for example , and make affiliate links to buy the products on Amazon.

Earn money whenever someone buys the products you recommend. Then, trade those points in for Amazon gift cards. Let me know which ones look the most compelling by leaving a comment below. Comments have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. This is incredible! Thank you for taking the time to compile this.

Now that I do know about it… Seriously, this is an amazing resource. Thanks, Nick. An awesome list. A couple of these I just started with. But there are others that I now have on my radar. You should have WizIQ wiziq. You can set up up your own academy and run self-paced courses or live classes. Really like it. I look for deals that have multiple other products they sell, so that if this products slows down, they can use the revenues of other products to pay back.

Wow, this is an impressive list Nick! After reading the reviews of Scribendi on Glassdoor. Thanks again for the list, Nick,. It seems like Zilok is not around any more. The latest user review I found was from What a list. Thanks for this. The Dolly idea was one me and my buddy had after moving to an expensive suburb with a bunch of old people needing help to move. Too bad somebody beat us to it.

As Nick notes, you can share pictures, music, and more on Pond 5. Your smart phone can probably capture the recordings! Seems like a great way to make a little side cash. Love this article! Have read numerous posts from sidehustle nation and constantly share them with friends.

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Thank you so much — this will keep me busy investigating options for a while! I have had some small success with Audio Jungle part of the Envato group of sites — uploading short music files that I have created once, yet they keep on selling. Sort of, kind of, yes, but…. Audio jungle has been good to the tune of hundreds, but not thousands of dollars for me so far.

My Super Easy Budgeting Trick!

But very passive, yes! Audio Jungle have an exclusivity clause, so putting exactly the same tracks up on another competitor site is not an option. However, modifying these tracks, or creating different tracks is certainly possible. Perhaps spreading things out a bit, like your Amazon Kindle to Fiverr experience with your book might be my next step. Thanks for getting my brain working and prompting some thought processes for me :- Matthew. Interested to know more about audio jungle, what kind of music files did you create?

Are you a musician? But the long and short of it is that Audio Jungle offers a lower royalty payments, no control over setting your price, and its upload and review policies are terrible. And I would strongly urge against signing an exclusive agreement with the landscape of music changing so quickly. Hi Evan, Thanks heaps and piles and lots for the suggestion! I will have a look at your StockMusicMusician recommendations. I agree with your comments about Audio Jungle completely, however unfortunately it comes with the territory of being a musician.

Thank you Evan once again. Matthew Melbourne, Australia. Hi Lee, Yes I am a musician and a computer nerd. I have uploaded to Audio Jungle a few short relaxing instrumental songs less that 90 seconds , one or two of which can be looped. And they keep selling. I know I need to do some more but finding the time is difficult. Good luck! Thanks, Matthew. This is superb Nick! I have worked my way through the list twice already! Determined to add a new stream to my hustle! Thanks so much for compiling and sharing this!

Your list is the best way to breakdown that barrier.

2. Saving money is good for your relationships

Awesome post! I love using Kickfurther! I have to try some of the others. I have liked Kickfurther and vouch for them. I talk to their main guys all the time and have made some pretty good earnings through it! Great list! I know there are legit car wraps but there are also scams going on as well so be careful about what info you give out and some issue cheques which later bounce. I totally agree Cathy, we have to do our due diligence for things like this. This is by far the most extensive side hustle -to- full time gig list I have seen on the internet.

Went through it all and selected a few where I can try my luck, and skills. A solid list. I have used Thumbtack in the US and found the response really quick. Great article, here is another way to make money In your spare time is being a Sports Official. I have a fulltime job and my sports officiating starts after 5pm during the season. Thanks just wanted to share this. Thank you for taking all that time to find this information for us!

I found it very valuable to share with my community so I shared your blog post on my website and FB profile. Check it out if you have the time, or let me know if there is any other way I can promote your services This article has so much in resources. I had to post on my blog. Everyone should know about the many options to generate income. What a huge list! There are so many more share economy based businesses than I thought. Awesome list. Definitely going to give some of these a try. Always a plus when you can make some extra cash in your free time. This is indeed a massive list.

My to-do list for the next few days will be full hahaha!. Thank you so much. Hi, Nick thanks for sharing. Very good list shared. I will try some of them and see what helped me. Have good time. Careful with Carvertise. Shady business practices for their drivers. Their wrap wrecked our paint job on our car and they are being extremely difficult working with us to get it fixed. Shady business practices. Thanks for compiling. Heads up, though, for readers: FlightCar shut down and sold itself to Mercedes Benz back in the summer.

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Please allow me to share that VirtualAssistantTalent. Would you mind reviewing MindSumo to see if it makes the cut. Our startup is doing amazing things by partnering Fortune companies with students to work on solving tough business challenges. Happy to also set you up with an blog interview with the founder. Absolutely Killing it! You should add Fat Lama to this list, renting out your stuff can make you a buck or two.

Great stuff. Are there any apps or platforms or ways to make money from that? Thanks for all the Gr8 info Nick!!! Be well!!! Caren S. Great article! I tried all kinds of websites to make money online. What works best for me is Koocam. Besides Verbling, there are other language sites where you can earn money for teaching languages. Some examples are italki or Langademy. In the first one you can apply as a teacher or tutor, and at Langademy you just need to have some reputation in the community to start earning money.

Hope this helps someone. Nice points By reading and applying this anyone can make money it would be so easy for everyone all because of you. Thank you so much for such wonderful blog. Thanks for this exhaustive list. I have two teenagers that found several different jobs that want to do for spare money this summer. Have you any ideas of sites for people living in foreign countries South Africa in particular to apply for virtual jobs? Would love to do someone internet work as I have a daughter living in USA aNd would love to travel to see her and her family more.

A really good side hustle would be creating a cheap but informative course on a topic and promoting it on udemy. It will be the hustle that keeps giving, assuming you have time…. Awesome list! Thanks for sharing such an informative post. This will be very helpful for those who want to earn extra money besides their study or job. I am also working in upwork as a freelancer beside my job.

This list is very effective to find all of the sources altogether. Wow, what a great source of freelancing sites. I wanted to build up my career as a virtual developer as it has so many positive sides. Some of my friends are doing this. Now I am quite interested in it. Thanks for sharing those information. It can be a good addition to your list. I tried spiceraq. You can rent out your place in NYC as an event space for small dinner parties and other small events.

Alot more passive than airbnb as i didnt need to find another place to sleep that night. You are the Man! I also find the pod casts awesome. A funny story.. In Jamaica when someone refer to you as a hustler…it means you are a con artist. My son called himself a hustler and i gave him a long negative lecture. He challengedmeon theuse of the word.. Now I am a super fan of theword! My sonandI have a good laugh over it! Thank you so much..

I appreciate your work! Hi Nick! Thank you for very much and valuable information. This is a very large collection. I think this is a collection of many years of your work. Not everyone will just give this classy collection. You have a generous heart. You want to know the truth about the side hustle? You will be extremely successful with affiliate marketing and blogging. Blogging is a beautiful content marketing labor of love. So you give up something in exchange for something else. Would you rather go to a cushy day job with a salary cap of working for a narcissist employer and be denied a raise after asking and keep working for them?

250+ Proven Ways to Make Extra Money in 12222: The Ultimate Guide

Or work for yourself and become a millionaire and live a lonely life? Something to truly think about. I own almost pair of shoes. Could I make a part time hustle if I create a sneaker club of say 40 members to share my pair shoes? Thanks so much for keeping me inspired about the side hustle. Wow, the amount of time it probably took you to come up with this list. Insane list, lots of actionable ideas. The beauty is that the side hustle provides a beautiful work in your spare time opportunity from your desktop computer, laptop or smartphone through affiliate marketing, blogging, and selling your personal goods online as a means of supplementing your existing income.

They can create content with their smartphone while driving, resting in a park, barbecuing food for the family, or outlet stores such as Polo Ralph Lauren, shopping at the Tommy Hilfiger store, Nautica, Girbaud, Guess, Aeropostale, and other fine outlet stores and take images and record video on location and put it into a Blog for the purpose of driving traffic and making money from affiliate links on blogs and websites.

I wish I knew how to do this 20 years ago because as I tell most people, I probably would have been 20 million dollars richer today or at least a millionaire. I have some household items I need to sell and will look back at this post again momentarily. Thank you for just being you, Nick. Excellent list! Camp In My Garden is now Campspace. Excellent article, Nick! I guess that most people that started online business started with Online Surveys. Myself for example, that was also how I started years back.

Looks like both Drop and Dosh are having issues. There is a long list of people recently saying that the app is no longer working properly and they are not getting credit for their purchases. Three more you can add: AcaDemon — depending on how you feel about this ethically, you can upload college term papers. I made a few hundred dollars from it the first few years after college.

As long as you get an itemized receipt, you scan it and can get rebates on certain beer, wines and spirits. I currently do Mturk and Merch by Amazon, along with a few other t-shirt platforms. It is as passive as passive income gets. Just list your unused space and rent it out as storage space. Check it out! Traditional employment is slowly becoming obsolete. Great Article with thorough research! It just work like homework market. Good job finding all these websites! Some of them are gone, e.

It lets users open their service shop to sell their free time. Just like eBay but for services. It is free. Good place to start making extra income on the side. Worth a bookmark for the great research done. Will help a ton, thanks! Hi, this is a nice article. I am interested to read this again and again. This money making ideas was very useful for everyone. Great and innovative ideas. After reading this article I can see we can liberally create our own kingdom. Thank you for sharing this article with us here.

1. Saving money is good for reducing anxiety levels The B Word: Budgeting Made Easy, Without Hassle and Even Fun! eBook: Kristen Hebert, Robin Hebert: Kindle Store. The B Word: Budgeting Made Easy, Without Hassle and Even Fun! eBook: Kristen Hebert, Robin Hebert: Kindle Store.

It gives us a great opportunity to rule out and select our own choices. I will bookmark this page to keep myself updated with the upcoming website link list and great techniques. Awesome article! I found here too many amazing ways to make money. Thanks for providing this information! Great article for online money, Nick. Thanks for sharing! I have worked with Homework Market and it has its perks. I would definitely recommend it for people seeking to make money helping with assignments.

Policies and privacy will have to be signed for that, of course. Real Estate Investing looks promising. Great piece! After building make money online myself I learned a lot and I wanted to share some of those with others. Thanks For sharing Great Info! Amazing blog post on making extra money online. Share Tweet Pin 3K. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

Amazing list! So many ideas are now brewing in my head… Fantastic resource Nick! Amazing resource!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for putting this together. Awesome list of resources. Thank you Nick for this. Surely something for everyone! Wow, nice results Jose! Any filtering criteria you use to find deals you think will be winners? Thanks so much for this very detailed list! And the jobs available cover a broad range, including graphic design, logo design, web design, infographics, voiceovers, and more. Another option is Amazon Mechanical Turk MTurk , which allows you to complete manual microtasks for business owners all over the world.

While the pay is quite low per task, they can quickly add up to some extra cash. Ultimately, if you are just starting out in the world of making money online, remote freelancing is a great place to start — and a great option for aspiring digital nomads. Start your freelancing journey with Flexjobs and start making money today. Starting a blog is not new advice. But, the traditional path to riches recommends launching a blog, growing your traffic, and adding Google AdSense ads on your site. Sure, this strategy can work, but ads can be annoying to your audience if used incorrectly, which is why so many people use ad blocking tools:.

Source: Stastista. Instead of relying on ads which requires a ton of page views and search engine mastery , try more natural selling with the newest affiliate programs to monetize your site. Then, you can also start creating and selling your own digital products on your site and get other affiliates to promote you:.

You can also sell your own ebooks, templates, guidelines, online calculators, software programs, or a membership site. Any digital product you can think up and create can be sold to your audience, as long as it provides them with real value. The key is to get started on WordPress with a web hosting company like Bluehost , start generating content, and get backlinks with guest blogging to build up Domain Authority DA and traffic.

He offers a mix of free and paid resources to his readers, including workbooks, guides, ebooks, and online courses. Use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to help you understand potential traffic for different niche ideas. While the forecast impression results are based on using paid ads, they work as a great indicator of whether or not a niche will be popular. Then all you need to do is start creating great blog posts and offering your reviews and digital products everywhere.

However, to make real amount of money with this approach, it can take years. Etoro is bringing investing into the future. First, we traded stocks with brokers. Later, online stock and cryptocurrency apps like Coinbase and Robinhood allowed us to make instant trades from our pockets. Now with Etoro , trading is becoming social. You can easily view their public profile, month return on investment , and its sorted by the most successful traders.

They claim to be the honest source for comparing rates, and rightly so. And the best part is that you get instant and accurate results without paying a single dime. It is most helpful for students searching for loans as it specializes in helping them find the best possible option. Credible also helps students get better deals and refinance their loans. Instead, it takes an asymmetric approach and helps you boost your investment outcomes. Yet some people and businesses are still putting all of their eggs in one basket and focusing on only one platform for making money online.

Source: Forbes. Launch your own ecommerce store. Start using Amazon FBA. Sell directly through social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Market your product or service on Craigslist. To find sites relevant to you, simply do a quick Google search like this one:. Steve Madden is a prime example of how to do this right.

The company offers you the following options for buying its products:. It also has an active presence on Facebook , Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, all with direct links to its website for easy shopping. If you want to learn how to make a lot of money online, you need to start by understanding your target market and which platforms they hang out on. Once you know which platforms are worth targeting, you can build a presence on each site, and then start an online business with an ecommerce platform like BigCommerce to help you unify everything.

Shopify is another choice, but BigCommerce is best for long term growth. Source: TaskRabbit. You can make money by delivering just about anything these days: products, food, and yes, even people. In the US, car ownership seems to be declining, especially for the younger generation. This is where you come in. With a simple app, you can become an Uber or Lyft driver for taxiing people around your neighborhood. Or you can help move entire families with TaskRabbit Moving Services.

Or you can even sign up as a package delivery driver for Amazon Flex. Additionally, a lot of service-based freelancers are also able to leverage the power of mobile apps. For example, mobile tools like Housecall Pro connect plumbers , HVAC installers, carpet and window cleaners, electricians, and pest control companies to local customers, opening up another revenue source.

In , TaskRabbit published an article highlighting the success stories of taskers over the past ten years. One of the Taskers used TaskRabbit as a way to launch his own full-time business. These companies all have referral programs you can participate in, as customers are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend. Although not passive income, this shows that this type of work can be anything you want to make of it, including a side hustle, a full-time gig, or an income stream to pay for something else. Which means that all you need to do is pick the service that appeals to you, register, and get to work raking in the dough.

Want to be an Uber driver? All it takes is three steps , although you will need to bring your car into one of their centers for an inspection. In this case, you need to create an engaging profile, set your own hourly rate and then compete with others for tasks. To succeed, you will need to research your competition by searching for people providing the same service as you in your area.

Below are the top two taskers when I search for movers in New York. Check out their rates, descriptions, and photos. Then, work on standing out from the crowd with your own personal brand. Whether this is short term or long term is up to you, but any of these options can kickstart your income to help build out even more side-hustles online. Why not make extra income by renting it out on Turo for some extra cash? Do you have a spare bike or one you rarely use?

Rent it out as well, with Spinlister. These days you can rent out practically everything you own, including the shirt off your back. You can rent out your entire wardrobe, including shoes, handbags, and accessories, using Style Lend. Once your home is clutter free, you may even realize you have an entire room that could be rented out.

Airbnb allows you to easily rent out a room, or your entire place to short term guests. Zeona McIntyre first got involved with Airbnb hosting when she was 26, and just three years later, at the age of 29, she was already financially independent and capable of early retirement. Not only did McIntyre rent out the spare room in her apartment, but she also rented out her own room as well, and couch surfed with friends. Then she acquired more properties and rented those out through Airbnb too. Today, she owns five properties and helps manage 15 more. To earn extra cash renting out your goods, make sure you take lots of high-quality pictures.

These can lead to faster rentals and higher rates. The more info people have, the more likely they are to be interested. Which ad would you be more interested in? A studio apartment with one picture and this description:. Be sure to always reply to queries promptly and politely and keep an up-to-date schedule of all your rentals. If you have gained valuable knowledge that can help others, you can now use it to earn income. No matter what your area of expertise is, online courses are growing in demand for professionals and businesses alike.

Teachable alone has over 7 million registered students. Online course platforms like Thinkific and Learnworlds allow you to publish an online course about anything you want. You can teach people how to write, do their own taxes, complete basic car repairs, or even learn emerging markets like piloting drones. You can also provide online coaching and consulting services to make money online.

With a conferencing platform like Zoom , or even just a private Facebook group and Facebook Live, you can share your knowledge and expertise one-on-one or with a large group. Plus, you can be a consultant to individuals or even businesses, in any field of expertise. The possibilities are endless. Did you do well at school? Were you a religious note taker?

You can sell your college notes online. Why not become an online tutor for other kids? Are you a fitness expert? You can now become an online personal trainer or running coach. Anne Marie spent years researching nutrition and created her own program based on her experience and knowledge. With a simple landing page, she now successfully sells her knowledge online. You can easily build your own landing page with a tool like Leadpages or Unbounce and start selling your coaching or consulting services today. My recommendation for online courses: Get started with Thinkific and get one month free to try it out.

A powerful way to make extra money online is to put your money to work for you. A lot of people still think of investing as something that is complex and risky. For stocks, look for index funds as they provide the broadest and most diverse range across a market. To diversify further, you can buy slices of international companies as well. Or if you want to get involved in more active trading, you can use a tool like FOREX for global trading opportunities.

Pete Adeney, aka Mr. Money Mustache , is one of the most popular financial bloggers on the internet. And the reason for this other than his engaging writing style and fondness of swear words is that he and his wife both retired after only seven years in the workforce. Thanks to a little bit of frugality and a whole lot of investing.

Just use dollar-cost averaging and buy a broad range of stocks that will help shelter you from any downturns such as the index funds we discussed. To be even more successful, opt for a service that lets you manage your own investments instead of paying someone else a management fee. You can take some time learning the tricks of the trade such as portfolio rebalancing and tax loss harvesting so that you make just as much money without having to hand someone else a chunk of it. There are endless opportunities for making money online if you happen to enjoy writing. The days of old where you had to become a professional journalist or rely on an agent and publisher to sell your novel are long gone.

Have you always wanted to write a book or short story? You can also make extra cash by transcribing video and audio files for people. Are you more interested in writing articles? You can make a lot of money as a freelance writer for companies. There are tons of blogging job boards, including ProBlogger. With services like Fiverr and UpWork, listing yourself as a freelance writer for hire is easier than ever before:. Ivan Kreimer launched a successful freelance writing career that allowed him to make so much money online he was able to quit his day job and travel the world in six months.

Being a successful writer starts with picking the right niche. Then, strengthen your writing chops and get your content out there. After all, the stronger your content , the more money you can make.

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The good news is that you can use tools like Grammarly to help you perfect your writing. Whether you went to school for it, or are self-taught, you can start coding apps, chatbots, or even Alexa skills. Conversational marketing is going to be the next big thing in the marketing industry. But artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing NLP are still maturing. This means there is a huge demand for people that can build, upgrade, maintain, and sell chatbots.

If you have skills in this area or are willing to learn , you can make a lot of money for yourself. You can also make plenty of money online by coding new skills for Amazon Alexa. Back in May , Amazon launched its Alexa Developer Rewards program to pay coders for developing in-demand skills for Alexa.

If you want to build a successful business coding to make money online fast, start listing your skills on a personal portfolio website:. Be sure to create some content and post on social media to start bringing in more organic traffic, too. Soon enough, you will be swimming in clients.

People love video. From Twitter and Instagram stories to making money on YouTube, video is insanely popular. Brands have produced millions of dollars in revenue by implement video strategies. And new advancements in video technology are leading to even more interesting opportunities for making money online. One of the more traditional, yet still profitable, methods is selling stock photos and stock video content online on a site like ShutterStock. Simply use your iPhone to capture high-quality visuals and upload them for purchase. If you love video games, you can also make money streaming them, providing game reviews, and more on Twitch , which is now owned by Amazon.

Josh Boughner received a drone as a birthday present and ended up turning it into the largest real estate drone network in the US. But, Boughner quickly started making sales quickly with drone footage, including inspections, advertisement videos for hotels and resorts, and even surveillance.

Have a look at this infographic from Statista. Secondly, if you come to think of it: the fact that the internet is inundated with so many apps means that the demand for them is also high. Now the question is — how will you, as an individual, make money online through app development?

How To Create A Great Tagline For Your Business (w/ Examples)

However, if you end up building a great app with even a greater idea, it could prove to be extremely profitable. In this case, you should know how you are going to cash in on your app and not expect to make much money in your first year. See for yourself, the sheer difference between the number of free apps juxtaposed to paid apps is eye-opening. As I already mentioned, this is one of the most profitable prospects when it comes to app development. These are only a few ways that you can use to monetize your app.

Skim down the webpages and research some more. You will surely find even more options to make money using your app. This is your safest bet as a mobile developer as becoming a freelance mobile app developer will help you make guaranteed money, given that you are good at what you do. Small and medium-sized businesses and startups are increasingly turning to outsourcing for their app development needs today — which is a great thing for you.

In this case, you would need to start pitching to your clients through countless platforms on the internet, such as:. Also, make sure that you network extensively at events and conferences to meet your potential clients, and to expand your network. This means that you already established a substantial amount of authority in your subject of work and your audience actually look up to your advice and your content for advice and direction.

If so, it might be time to start a membership site. Membership websites are basically a value exchange. For those of you who are not familiar with membership website: it is a private website with exclusive content where only the members who opt for paid subscription can access the content. As long as you continue to provide valuable information to your audience — they will be happy to pay for your monthly subscription. So what can you actually provide to your audience to make sure that they keep paying for their monthly subscription?

After all, you have to keep your side of the bargain, otherwise, you can say goodbye to your subscribers. If your content is valuable enough, members will continue to pay to access and retain it over and over again. Think of it this way: you spend two hours with a client. The client pays you once and you both move on.

Now you continue to get paid for that content for months on end. After a while, you spend some more time to update the content and still get paid for it. Launching your own membership site is also beneficial if you want to boost your authority in the industry and position yourself as a consultant or an expert as it allows you to build an entire community of a loyal audience base.