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She had been teased about her large feet since she was seven years old. After nearly thirty years of hearing it, Sara still felt the urge to hide under the bed with a bowl of chocolate-fudge ice cream. Sara caught him just before he hit the ground. Justin managed a smile for his pediatrician. She crossed her arms, leaning against the railing as she watched him go. Sara loved kids, a characteristic most pediatricians shared, but there was something to be said for not spending her Saturday night surrounded by them. Across the rink, Sara picked out Devon Lockwood, Tessa's latest boyfriend, who also worked in the Linton family's plumbing business.

Devon was leading his nephew around the kiddy rink while his brother watched. She turned back to Sara. Sara looked back at the front entrance, wondering that herself. Wondering, too, why she cared whether or not her ex-husband showed up. She added, "It's not even serious. Sara groaned as she leaned back against the railing. She felt stupid, like a teenager instead of a grown woman. She had divorced Jeffrey two years ago after catching him with the woman who owned the sign shop in town. Why she had started seeing him again was as much a mystery to Sara as it was to her family.

A ballad came on, and the lights dimmed. Sara watched the mirrored ball drop down from the ceiling, scattering little squares of light all over the rink. Sara recognized the girl as Jenny Weaver, one of her patients. She waved, but the girl didn't see her. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Overview Saturday night dates at the skating rink have been a tradition in the small southern town of Heartsdale for as long as anyone can remember, but when a teenage quarrel explodes into a deadly shoot-out, Sara Linton -- the town's pediatrician and medical examiner -- finds herself entangled in a terrible tragedy.

About the Author. Sara returned his smile, trying not to laugh. Sara gave her sister a hard look. Devon noticed them staring and waved. That's all. Tessa muttered, "Hope you can wait. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. She was born in Heartsdale at the Grant Medical Center and grew up in the town. An excellent student, in middle school she developed an interest in science and was able to get college-level tutoring from some of the professors at the local technological university.

Sara went to Robert E. Lee High School, where, due to her intelligence and hard work, she finished a year early. She could have gone into the family business but a fear of spider-ridden crawl spaces and the desire for challenge took her off to school amid the bright lights and big city excitement of Atlanta. Sara attended Emory University on scholarship and obtained her medical degree , and also ran track. After college, she served her medical internship at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, one of the largest hospitals in the world, then became a pediatric resident there.

During one of her shifts at the hospital she was savagely attacked in the restroom, raped , and left for dead. Her assailant was caught and imprisoned, and after the trial Sara returned to Heartsdale. He mailed her and his other victims mocking postcards annually for the next dozen years. The rape resulted in an ectopic pregnancy which led to a partial hysterectomy , and Sara can never have children.

Barney, the owner. A year later she took on the coroner's position to earn extra money so she could buy him out when he retired. She decided to keep the coroner job even after she'd paid Dr. Barney off because it helped combat the drudgery of day-in and day-out earaches and sore throats at the clinic. Sara was the doctor for the high school football team, and was on the sideline during a game when she first met Jeffrey Tolliver, the new chief of police.

Though he had a reputation for being a ladies' man, he took her breath away, but she played it cool and he was immediately interested. They dated, fell in love, and were married in a small ceremony in the living room of her parents' home. They had been married for six years when she came home and found him in bed with the town's sign painter, and Sara filed for divorce the next day.

She had never told him about the rape. Sara and Jeffrey were divorced for two years, but he never stopped loving her, nor she him, though she tried to. Then they were brought together by the murder of Sibyl Adams in Blindsighted , the twin sister of Jeffrey's best detective, Lena Adams.


During the course of the investigation, when she was at an emotional low, Sara went to Jeffrey for comfort and revealed the details of her rape to him. They began to reconnect, then dated, and over three years and five books she watched him grow and change from the man he had been, and around Indelible she realized she wanted him back in her life. They were married for a second time between Faithless and Beyond Reach , the latter of which is titled Skin Privilege in the UK and shortly after applied to adopt a child. Six months after their wedding they received word that they would become the parents of a nine-month-old boy.

Only minutes later Jeffrey was killed in an explosion. Sara is tall, has dark auburn hair and emerald green eyes, and is slim yet curvaceous. She has perfect skin, a great smile, and a biting wit. She's extremely intelligent, fiercely independent, aloof, and seldom opens up to people. She is controlled and rarely cries. She likes BMWs , loves her family, loves children, and has two greyhounds that she rescued.

She's a terrible dancer, a heavy sleeper, a horrible housekeeper, and she can't cook. She often dresses sloppily yet comfortably. She has a gentle heart and feet that are so big when she goes out in public mothers pull their children in off the street so they won't get smushed. Sara's family is an important, loving anchor in her life, an ever-present shelter from whatever storm she's currently weathering. Her parents live on the shores of Lake Grant across the water from Sara, who also lives on the lake.

Her sister Tessa lives with them, in the apartment over their garage. Her mother, Cathy Linton, is religious, opinionated and often disapproving, sometimes overbearingly intrusive and hypercritical. She's also devoted, omniscient, eternally worried about Sara, pragmatic, and never a source of bad maternal advice. Cathy is blonde and blue-eyed and beautiful, sexy and petite. She keeps her figure slim by doing yoga.

She's witty and down to earth, as gracious or cutting as the prevailing situation demands. He wanted Sara to join the family business , but to his disappointment she became a doctor instead. Eddie hated Jeffrey, but eventually came to accept him, albeit grudgingly, while Jeffrey grudgingly admits that Eddie is the kind of father he wishes he had. Eddie tells bad jokes, swears mercilessly while he's working on a job, and is a shrewd real estate investor, owning several properties around the lake, an apartment complex in Madison, and rental units in Florida.

Tessa is Sara's baby sister, a fact that she ruthlessly exploits in their relationship. Tessa takes after Cathy physically, thin and blonde. In school Sara was envious of Tessa, seeing her as the popular and pretty one, the cheerleader , while she was the tall one, maybe on a good day the redheaded one. Tessa's selfish and immature, which she happily admits, and likes her an amorous peccadillo from time to time. Farther out in the family orbit are cousin Hareton and aunt Isabella.

Bella is a hard partyer with a penchant for younger men who travels with her own stock of liquor and visits infrequently, as she hates Grant County. She resides in Atlanta and Sara lived with her for a short period when she was at Emory but Bella's lifestyle didn't mesh well with the rigors of medical school. Cousin Hare lives in Grant County, where he's also a doctor and has always been fiercely competitive with Sara.

He's flamboyant and dramatic, and very funny.

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Much to Sara's chagrin, he rarely takes anything seriously. He was born and grew up in the small town of Sylacauga, Alabama , famous for its white marble, producing Jim Nabors , and the first documented case of a person being struck by a meteorite. He was the son of Jimmy and May Tolliver, the former an abusive drunk and the latter an abused drunk. As a child Jeffrey often stepped in between to try to shield his mother, and this in part later led him to become a cop—the need to protect the weak and vulnerable.

Jimmy was also a small-time criminal, a perpetual loser, and eventually went to prison for good, where he died. May is still in Sylacauga, watching life go by through the bottom of a glass. As a child, Jeffrey was ashamed of his circumstances — his poverty, his clothes, his home, his father, the townsfolk assuming he was trash and trouble — and looked forward to the day he would be able to leave Sylacauga.

Most of his history is learned in Kisscut and Indelible , such as: his two best friends growing up were Robert Blankenship, nicknamed Spot because of facial blemishes in his early teens, and Jerry Long, nicknamed Possum because of his behavior after a fireworks mishap. Jeffrey was eventually nicknamed Slick when his prowess with the opposite sex became apparent.

As kids, they got into more than their share of trouble. Because of this, and being his father's son, Jeffrey was well-known to the local police force, and they gave him quite a bit of attention at the behest of the sheriff, Clayton "Hoss" Hollister, who made Jeffrey his special project to keep him from turning out like his old man.

It worked, and ultimately Hoss became his mentor and Jeffrey entered law enforcement. Jeffrey was a very talented football player in high school and helped lead his team to the state championship as a receiver. From there he went on to play for Auburn University and got to go to the Sugar Bowl , but he spent a lot of time on the bench, never really achieving excellence at the college level though he did love history and that was his major, only he dropped out two quarters before getting his degree.

Before he was to graduate his father was sent to prison for life, and at Hoss's urging, Jeffrey entered the police academy. After leaving the academy he spent the first 10 years of his career on the force in Birmingham, Alabama. From there he took the job as police chief of Grant County, replacing the subpar Ben Walker. Two weeks into the job he hired Lena Adams, whom he handpicked straight out of the academy in Macon, to be the first woman on the force who wasn't a secretary. He's been shot twice in the line of duty, one time not seriously, the other almost killing him.

The only time he fired his weapon at someone else was when he had to shoot a year-old girl to keep her from killing another teenager, something which left him feeling guilty for the rest of his life. While doing a meet-and-greet at one of the local high school's football games after he was first hired, Jeffrey introduced himself to Sara and was so mesmerized he cancelled a date he had that night with a voluptuous stewardess in Atlanta.

He found Sara's intelligence, laugh, penetrating green eyes, sloppy dress, and modesty to be incredibly sexy, and though he realized she'd require much more effort on his part than he usually had to put forth, he was hooked. They started dating and though Jeffrey was initially in it for the sexual conquest, he fell for her hard, and she fell in love with him, and they were married.

After Jeffrey and Sara were divorced but before they remarried, he found out he had a teenage son that he wasn't aware of. In high school Jeffrey and Darnell had dated off and on, but when he left for Auburn they agreed to see other people. Still, he was taken aback when she married one of his best friends a month after he left. And when Nell gave birth eight months farther on, he was slightly miffed when he realized she had been fooling around on him, but he also knew things just wouldn't have worked out between them. It didn't dawn on him that it was his child and his friend had stepped in for him.

For her part, Nell never told Jeffrey because she knew he would have come back to marry her, and she also realized it would've been a joyless marriage. His son Jared is a huge Alabama fan. After the events in Beyond Reach , Jeffrey and Sara return home to find that their application for adoption has been approved. They are to receive a nine-month-old baby into their care that they have been hoping for. Moments later, while getting the mail from the mailbox, the box explodes causing catastrophic wounds to Jeffrey.

He dies while still laying in the street with Sara holding him. Jeffrey was 6'2" tall, with a lean runner's build, blue eyes, and dark good looks. Before he met Sara, he was quite the lothario. He liked women and they liked him; he lost his virginity when he was He had superb penmanship and was a great dancer and excellent marksman. He hated lima beans and is obsessively orderly. He's stubborn, honest, thoughtful, sticks up for the underdog , and felt responsible for the safety of everyone in Grant County.

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According to Sara, he was "a good man. Lena Adams is one of Jeffrey's detectives on the Grant County police force. She was angry, aggressive, and conflicted; cocky and confrontational.

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She was rebellious and had trouble following orders. She had a chip on her shoulder which got worse over the series.

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Lena is about 5'4" and pounds. She has olive skin and dark brown hair, inherited from her Mexican grandmother. Their father, Calvin Adams, was a police officer who was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop three months after marrying their mother Angela. A few weeks after the funeral Angela realized she was pregnant; her closest relative, brother Hank Norton, wasn't much help since he was a drug addict and alcoholic. Hank always told everyone that when Angela died from an infection after giving birth, and he took in her daughters, he cleaned up and found God.

In reality he only quit the drugs, and kept on drinking for eight years. One day when he was on a binge and the girls were playing ball in the front yard, Lena watched in horror as the bumper of Hank's backing car struck Sibyl in the temple when she chased an errant throw across the driveway. She was blinded for life, and that's when Hank gave up drinking. Though Sibyl forgave him, Lena never did.

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As the years went by, Lena acted as Sibyl's eyes, something she credited with making her a good detective later, and worked hard to help Sibyl become independent. As the girls grew up, Hank doted on Sibyl but rode Lena hard, and she rebelled accordingly.

Kisscut: (Grant County series 2) by Karin Slaughter (Paperback, 2003)

She cast about for approval and attention from anyone but Hank, and made some poor decisions, among them hanging out with a bad crowd and sleeping with a man in his 20s when she was only Right out of high school Lena joined the police academy in Macon , where her tenacity and toughness caught the eye of Jeffrey Tolliver, who hired her for the Grant County police force. This was fortuitous as Sibyl already worked as a professor at Grant Institute of Technology, in the same town.

Lena made detective in only eight years, when she became the youngest person at 33 and only woman on the senior squad. She was teamed up with Frank Wallace, a male chauvinist two years from retirement who didn't think women had any business being on the force, much less being partnered with him. Predictably, they butted heads at every turn, but also developed a grudging respect for each other.

Sibyl, who was gay , lived with her lover Nan Thomas, something Lena was never comfortable with and was selfishly homophobic in regards to the loving couple. She never spoke with Sybil about it. Then at the beginning of the Grant County series, Sybil was raped and murdered in the local diner. Lena was devastated, obliterated by loss and guilt.

Her life felt like it no longer had meaning. Hank came up from Reese to help out as best he could, and though they remained combative and wary, they also came to realize how much they needed each other. Lena's only respite was in working the case, but she was dangerously close to the edge; then a major plot development occurred which was emotionally crushing, and Jeffrey made her take some time off.

Could things get any worse? She was kidnapped and tortured by her sister's killer. After that, Lena tried to stay afloat in a nightmarish cocktail of emotional and physical agony: guilt , shame , self-loathing , fear , anxiety , revulsion , dyspepsia , alcoholism, loss of confidence, suicidal tendencies, you name it. Her only balm was work, but after refusing Jeffrey's orders to seek counseling she quit the force and joined campus security for a short while, which is mostly seen in A Faint Cold Fear. Jeffrey was one of three people who never gave up on her the other were her Uncle Hank and Nan Thomas because he knew what it was like to have no one in your corner, and she eventually got her old job back.

Unfortunately she had become involved with an extremely dangerous, abusive, ex-con neo-Nazi named Ethan Green who's on her like a bad rash in the next four books. This happened on a vector of self-destruction that was laid at her feet by previous events; she could no more stop it than fly to the moon. She initiated the relationship and even to some extent escalated its most sordid elements; by the time she fully recognized the danger she was in, it was too late. She was mired and he would not let her go.